Universal Civilizations Academy School is dedicated to building generations of students who strive to excel academically, are proud of their culture and beliefs, and are open - minded to the other World.


The mission of Universal Civilizations Academy is to provide foundation in academics according to the framework of our identity and the authenticity of our Nation , which will enable our students to value their culture and that of others and become life - long learners .


Universal Civilizations Academy is an educational institute which follows a distinguished American system ( Bilingual ) , We help students develop and become proficient in English and Arabic . We aim to prepare our students for higher education all over the world , but we also believe that we must give them the necessary skills and develop themselves to be productive generation in their communities .

School Objectives

Long Term Goals
  • Student centered and results-driven classrooms.
  • Accountability for student learning at all levels.
  • Provide support for all students including those who have learning disabilities.
  • Support student learning and family engagement through the parents' council.
  • All students graduate and are prepared for higher learning and successful careers.
  • Students are actively involved in the learning process and are encouraged to participate in international, cultural, and religious activities.
  • Students are provided culturally relevant learning activities.
  • High school teachers involve students in relevant, real-life experiences.
  • All teachers engage in ongoing professional development focused on student achievement.
  • Become a sister school with an AdvancEd accredited American public school.
  • All students are effective communicators.
  • All students are effective researchers and able to use technology to obtain, organize and communicate information and to solve problems.
  • Students demonstrate positive character traits.
  • Students demonstrate critical thinking skills.
  • Students meet or exceed high academic standards.
  • Use data to continuously improve the school.
  • Encourage students not only to become actively involved in their community, but also involved in cultural, political, and world events.
  • Students are encouraged to become productive members of society.
  • Enhance communication and understanding among staff, parents, students, and community.
  • Improve technology within the classrooms.
  • Allocate resources equitably to support student learning.
UCA students strive to:
  • Acquire the skills needed to become independent learners.
  • Become responsible and socially aware citizens.
  • Develop a positive self image so that they may become patient, tolerant, and creative individuals.
  • Understand and appreciate their own culture as well that of others.
  • Meet challenges with openness and enthusiasm.
  • Appreciate the value of time management.
  • Work well with others and learn the art of cooperation.
  • Acquire the skills needed to become proactive thinkers and lifelong learners.
The Teaching Aims of Universal Civilizations Academy
  • To provide a caring, supportive and stimulating environment in which pupils can learn and become responsible, confident and independent members of the community.
  • To help each child to develop an inquiring mind; the ability to question and argue rationally; and to use that ability in the application of tasks and skills.
  • To have high expectations of each child and to work with them in order to fulfill their potential.
  • To acknowledge that failure can be a valuable learning process.
  • To acknowledge that all children can have special needs at some time and to support them at all times.
  • To recognize that learning can be enjoyable.
  • To recognize that all staff should be involved in the decision making process.
  • To recognize that all staff need the support and encouragement of colleagues, professionally and personally.
  • To accept that all staff have the right to professional development.
  • To be committed to Equality of Opportunities for all.
  • To recognize and acknowledge parental rights to involvement in their children's education through the development of close working relationships.
  • To make the school a part of the whole community and to develop strong and productive links with that community.
  • To celebrate cultural diversity; to have respect and tolerance for the individuality of others
  • To care for the environment and to be concerned about the wider world.

In order to protect our students and employees, the school performs regular trainings to guarantee the general safety in possible emergency cases such as fire, etc. When necessary to send students home early, the school takes the following measures:

  • The students who ride the school buses will be sent to their homes.
  • The students, whose parents usually pick them up from school, will be returned home in school buses under the teachers' supervision.
  • All school administration and workers shall remain in school until all students are evacuated.


Chairman( President)

Mr .Mubarak Al Mutawa
Bachelor in Law (LLB)

Director (Vice President)

Dr. Ahlam Al Khattab
Ph.D in Administration and School Management

Administrative Supervisor

Mr. Mosab Al Mutawa
Bachelor in Business Administration

Mrs. Mais Al Mutawa
Bachelor in Dentistry(BDS)

Mrs. Mai Al Mutawa
Studying Dentistry

Parents Council Committee

Mr. Monther Al Matouk

Mrs. Hanan Alsawarej

Mrs. Hanan Alsayed

Dr. Mashael Al Hmily

Dr. Mishaal Sarkhouh

Mrs. Shaikha Al Saadoun

Mrs. Eman Al Shitan

Mrs. Hadeel Maarifi

Mr. Khalid Al Houty

Mr. Abdullatif Al Hindal

Mrs. Khawla Al Abdullat