Mr. Mubarak Al Mutawa,


Dear UCA Students,
Welcome to Universal Civilization Academy!

Established in 1994, UCA provides a balanced education for students from kindergarten to high school. Our curriculum is both American and Islamic based.

UCA not only provides an education, but also builds character. We strive to focus on guiding students to become fully developed both academically and psychologically and with a sense of responsibility to themselves and to the community at. The education offered is equally emphasizes knowledge, good morals, ethical values, and the development of physical health.

We are pleased to inform you that as part of our literacy program, we will be conducting extra English, Islamic and Quran classes. This expansion is critical to further develop the reading skills of all of our students. English is an international language, therefore, we want our students to learn and be instructed in Standard English. At the same time, it is our job as parentsto ensure that our children receive a proper Islamic and Arabic education. Alsoour main mission at UCA is to provide a safe and exciting environment. We value and welcome the opinion and support of parents and community.

With your help, we are looking forward to an amazing academic year!