Established in 1994 – UCA provides a balanced education to children from primary to secondary level based on the teachings of Islam as well as an American-based curriculum. UCA is not just about providing education, it is about building characters. We strive to focus on guiding students to become well-rounded individuals academically and spiritually and with a sense of responsibility to themselves and to the community at large. The education offered is one which equally emphasizes on the mastery of languages, inculcation of good moral and ethical values, and development of physical health. Thus, UCA focuses in developing students to be outstanding beings, wholesome in their character as well as being successful in their academic pursuits.

UCA offers an English-Arabic bilingual education from Pre-K through to year 12. The bilingual aspect of the school is its most distinctive feature. Learning through another language, gives students a level of second language skill not achievable through a regular language arts program. Perhaps more importantly, a bilingual education prepares children for life in a rapidly changing world, while still maintaining contact with their Arab cultural heritage. Our vision at UCA is to inspire commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm and creativity with a desire to learn. A unique feature of our school is the schedules activities that allow children to communicate, explore experiment and discover at their own level. Students have access to a computer lab necessary for today's growing technologies age. We are starting a Drama Club to open the child's imagination to role-play and encourage personal expression. The Kindergarten section has a qualified facilitator who monitors the children's progress as they master many life skills such as pouring, carrying and sewing necessary for the fine motor skills needed to have a good penmanship. The Science Lab is a safely equipped lab utilized for experiments with water, plant life and various science activities. Reading lessons take place in our bilingual Library complete with appropriate books of various subjects

Mr. Mubarak Al Mutawa, Chairman